My approach

I'm someone who wants to help you find a lifestyle that supports your true self.
I'm amazing at listening.  Leading with my instincts.  Finding solutions that no one else sees.
And I've devoted most of my life to being a friend.  Connecting one-on-one.  Learning how to support the body so it can do its amazing work.
When you work with me you can expect compassion -- all the way.
And you'll probably be surprised & delighted by how much time I spend thinking about your challenges & how I can best help you through them.
My work matters because change is scary.  I've been there.  But not changing is scarier because it means we'll always be where we are now, and that's not acceptable.
I'm here to remind you that I believe in you & your capacity to live a life centered around peace & wellness.
My question for you is what scares you?  What's keeping you from living the life you want?
To sum it up? I am your partner in creating a lifestyle that will allow you to be what you were meant to be in this world.



I've had the opportunity to do a lot of awesome things in my life.  From au pair to middle school teacher to massage therapist & program manager at a university.  I have a BS, an MS, an LMT & CWC. 
All of this experience I bring to the work I will do with you. 
Most importantly though, when we work together I will be supporting you.  You know your body best.  I have insights because I have been on this road before but at the end of the day I am not in your skin and you are.
I can help you begin to understand how your body is talking to you (sometimes shouting) & what kinds of things we can begin to do.  Together we will develop a plan to provide your beautiful body with a supportive environment that will allow it to begin its healing process.


My Story

Fifteen years ago I was in grad school thinking I was going to die.
I remember sitting at my desk looking at a stack of papers I had to grade and thinking the alien baby from the movie Alien was trying to claw its way out of my stomach.  The pain was that bad and that intense and I had no medical insurance other than the student health center on campus.
I've always been in tune with my body, but now it was rebelling, it was keeping me from being able to function.  So I started listening to it, even more so than I was used to.
Since I was getting my degree in Food Science and Technology, I naturally began thinking about what I was eating, how was this connected to my symptoms?  I began my research... Within a week I had come across something called Celiac Disease, an autoimmune condition which requires the removal of all gluten containing products from wheat, rye, barley & even oats.  It turned out all my symptoms, even ones I'd had since childhood, were related to this autoimmune condition. 
Removing gluten from my diet was difficult, especially in those days and on a graduate assistant's salary.  There certainly wasn't gluten free pasta to be found at standard grocery stores.  But I persevered and my symptoms went away.  The alien baby was gone!
Fast forward to two years ago and chronic allergies that made me fear for my life once more.  Asthma-like attacks came out of the blue and I struggled to breathe night after night.  I lost my sense of smell for over a year.
I began my research once more and discovered that autoimmunity isn't isolated, often the conditions come in battalions.  Indeed, my allergies were a result of an immune system that was still suffering in spite of the gluten free diet I had adopted years ago.
This is when I discovered the Autoimmune Protocol diets.  I know now that my immune system will always be the avant garde of my body, letting me know when something just isn't right.  I've learned that I must listen to it, and support it so that I can live the life I was meant to.